Distributed Denial of Service attacks can be disastrous for your business. Faced with tens or even hundreds of thousands of "bots" your website, data center, or even offices can be taken off line in minutes. Upstream service providers are often ineffective. Specialized, on-premise hardware is often insufficient.

The solution is to have a comprehensive, multi-pronged plan for managing DDoS events. With proper planning and implementation, the impact of DDoS events can be eliminated, while increasing overall infrastructure availability and performance.

The experts at 7e7 have a unique set of experience in DDoS mitigation strategies and infrastructure enhancements. This experience was hard won on the infrastructure battlefields some of the most prominent hosting, data center, and service provider companies.

Our DDoS Mitigation Services include:

  • Emergency Response Services and Availability Recovery
  • DDoS Detection Services
  • Post incident analysis
  • Infrastructure readiness assessments
  • Mitigation Strategy Planning
  • Outsourced services recommendations
  • Custom and Managed Monitoring and Mitigation Infrastructures

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