The IT industry is strongly trending toward "cloud" services, and many companies are benefitting from the savings and efficiencies that come with this new paradigm. Companies are moving to the cloud to gain services that "just work" without the overhead of expensive, full time, dedicated infrastructure and the fleet of staff required to maintain it all.

There remains a need for ubiquitous, always-on communications infrastructure for offices and public locations. Without this, the cloud simply does not work effectively. This is where 7e7 comes in.

7e7 staff collectively hold decades of experience in managing network and communications infrastructure globally. This experience level provides efficiencies not able to be provided by other service providers. In each engagement, a senior-level architect reviews the customer needs and prescribes the optimal solution.

7e7 is a woman-owned business based in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Founder & CEO

Greg Schwimer


Greg brings over 20 years of technology experience to his role as CTO at 7e7. He is a proven technology leader capable of playing "across the field" and down into the weeds with any technology vertical. He has built global MPLS service provider networks, content delivery networks, massive DDoS mitigation systems and infrastructure, hosting platforms, cloud infrastructure, storage systems, data centers, security infrastructure, and more. At 7e7 he provides technology product vision and strategy, business development, and tech talent acquisition and management. Greg is a hands-on technologist, and insists on being involved with customer projects, lending his experience, insight and, when necessary, leadership.

Greg has wielded his craft at a multitude of companies including, Charles Schwab, GE Capital, Merck Pharmaceuticals, The Prudential, and Freeport-McMoran. He is an active member of the Global Peering Forum, a select group of network architects and peering coordinators that meets twice a year to discuss network interconnect and peering strategy and policy. He was a member of Cisco’s Network Architecture Group, a consortium of industry experts focused on driving network technologies into the future.

In September, 2015, Greg represented 7e7 at the Console Connect Live conference in San Francisco, where he co-presentated with Equinix founder Jay Adelson on global-scale distributed denial of service attack mitigation strategies.

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